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RUN & REFOCUS is an opportunity to disconnect from your context, spend time in the outdoors, learn practical ways to maintain momentum toward your goals, and return to your reality with focus and energy.

Our sixth RUN & REFOCUS features well know adventure runner, mountaineer, entrepreneur and public speaker, Ryno Griesel. Led by Travis Gale from The Middle, the RUN & REFOCUS process blends practical insights and tools through interviews and workshop sessions along with time in the outdoors through trail running, mountain biking and hiking, all aimed at encouraging and equipping you through the tough terrain you must navigate in pursuit of your goals.

Our agenda this years is as follows:

Friday 15th October [DAY 1]

15h00:  Arrival and Check In’s
16h00:  Relaxed run, ride or hike.
17h30:  Screening of the Red Bull Documentary ‘Lessons from The Edge‘ featuring Ryno Griesel.
18h00:  Interview with Ryno Griesel
19h00:  Dinner

Saturday 16th October [DAY 2]

08h00:  Trail Run. MTB. Hike. (All fitness levels catered for)
11h30:   Brunch
14h00:  REFOCUS Session with Travis Gale & Ryno Griesel
17h00:  Sundowners
18h30:  Dinner

Sunday 17th October [DAY 3]

08h00: Wrap up session with muffins and coffee.
10h00:  Departures

Included in the ticked price:

• Accommodation
• Dinner on both nights and a post run brunch on day 2.
• Guided trail run / MTB / Hike (all fitness levels catered for)
• Online resource prior to arrival for you to prepare for the event.

What you need to bring:

• All alcoholic beverages (there is a bar on site)
• Additional meals (there is a cafe on site) and snacks
• Running, Riding, Hiking gear and nutrition
• Bedding / towels should you choose the camping option.

Accommodation Options

There are three accommodation options available; Chalets, The Shed or Camping. There are various configurations available so contact us for options.

More about the REFOCUS Process:

The REFOCUS process includes 7 steps to support your ability to return to reality with focus and energy. These 7 steps will be supplied to you prior to the event in video format. You will have an interactive PDF to work with along with the video. During the REFOCUS session on day 2, Travis Gale will lead you through that process in more detail ensuring you have maximised its value. Our interviews with Ryno will ensure additional insights and tools based on his knowledge and experience of what it takes to reach significant goals.

More about Ryno Griesel:

Ryno Griesel is passionate about investing in people (through sport and business) with a specific focus on leadership development. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA), Registered Independent Auditor and Tax Practitioner with over twenty years of experience in and outside public practice. During this time, he started and developed various small and medium-sized businesses and served as executive and non-executive directors on various boards. He really enjoys sharing his journey through one-on-one sessions and public speaking.

He is an endurance athlete with a couple of international accomplishments which include crossing the Himalayan Mountain Range with Ryan Sandes (Red Bull Project) in March 2018 in 24 days, 3hours and 24 minutes, winning the Skyrun 65km, record holder of the Hobbit 100km mountain run, various top 5 finishes in the AR world series held in places such as Moab Dessert Utah, Patagonia, Europe and New Zealand to name a few. See more on his page here.

More about Travis Gale:

Travis Gale is the founder of The Middle brand, a brand which believes all human beings are made for tough terrain. His exposure to the world of grit, resilience and endurance started when, at the age of 18, he and a friend peddled 17 000km across four continents, a cause driven adventure which raised R1.7million for vulnerable children in KZN, South Africa. During that trip, he discovered what it took to stand on the start line, navigate The Middle and reach the finish. Since then he has built his life around encouraging and equipping individuals and teams through the territory they must navigate in pursuit of their goals. He does this by supporting those he works with to develop an eco-system which ensures they maintain intentional momentum, develop grit and resilience, overcome challenges, operate outside their comfort zone and finish what they started. His framework has been consolidated in The Middle book, published in July 2020. The book includes eight stories from the tour, along with their associated insights which have shaped the way in which Travis has navigated many Middles since then; 12 years of marriage, 8 years of parenting two cute and energetic daughters, 16 years of entrepreneurship and multiple sporting endeavours which include 100 mile trail races and multi day fast-packing adventures.

ALL IMAGES: Terence Vrugtman

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