The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak

The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak 
31st Aug – 2nd Sep
Go on an adventure which encourages and equips you to keep going through The Middle – the territory you must navigate in pursuit of your goals.
The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak is a unique opportunity for anyone who leads themselves and others through The Middle, working toward the following objectives:
  • Go on an adventure and explore an iconic Drakensberg Mountain peak
  • Celebrate what you have achieved on your journey and the lessons learned along the way
  • Reconnect with where you are going and the impact reaching the destination will make
  • Refocus around what matters most ensuring intentional activity toeard your goals
  • Fuel resilience for the navigation of challenges and barriers that stand in your way.
Its time to let adventure be your guide as you journey 21km (out and back) to one of the most accessible, yet iconic peaks in Drakensberg Mountain range. This adventure requires moderate fitness levels and will see teams explore caves and rivers before enjoying the phenomenal views from 3065M above sea level.

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