RUN & REFOCUS with Ryno Griesel – Book Now!

About RUN & REFOCUS is an opportunity to disconnect from your context, spend time in the outdoors, learn practical ways to maintain momentum toward your goals, and return to your reality with focus and energy. Our sixth RUN & REFOCUS features well know adventure runner, mountaineer, entrepreneur and public speaker, Ryno Griesel. Led by Travis Gale from The Middle, … Read more

The Middle Challenge [PONDOLAND]

The Middle challenges you to ride 150km through the Pondoland from Magwa Tea Estate (Mboyti) to the Wild Coast Sun over 4 days. The challenge takes place from the 29th October – 1st November. The Middle Challenge is a not a race. It’s an adventure. At The Middle, we believe adventure teaches us more about … Read more