The Middle Adventure 1 [Gr 4 – 6]

The Middle Adventures offer tweens the opportunity to go on an adventure whilst learning valuable skills for navigating everyday life. Adventure 1 is titled ‘Be True To Yourself‘. During this adventure, each child will learn: How to use a compass and read a map. How to pack for and prepare for a hike. How to … Read more


The Middle Retreat is an evolution of the Run & Refocus events which found traction in the years leading up to COVID. Given the requests for these events to be re-established, The Middle will be offering a limited amount of retreats each year. The intent of a retreat is to break away from the demands … Read more

The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak

The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak  31st Aug – 2nd Sep Go on an adventure which encourages and equips you to keep going through The Middle – the territory you must navigate in pursuit of your goals. The Middle Adventure – Rhino Peak is a unique opportunity for anyone who leads themselves and others through … Read more

Running into Resilience

With so much writing around the topic I have felt the need to simplify what resilience is and confirm what I feel is absolutely relevant to individuals and teams within todays context. The two photo’s I shared are foundational to my understanding of resilience.   Pic: Devin Paisley The first photo was taken exactly 32km … Read more

Who is your seconder?

This year I ran my second UTD160, a 100-mile trail run which spans across two countries (Lesotho and South Africa) and includes summiting the highest peak in Southern Africa, Thabana Ntlenyana. It’s an experience which is hard to put into words and one which will see you navigate extreme highs and lows to reach the … Read more

A Journey of Discovery

It’s hard to describe in words what takes place on an adventure such as this. The reality is, you needed to be there to truly grab on to the significance of a traverse through the Pondoland. Each day offers something unique, turning this challenge into a journey of discovery for everyone who decided to join. … Read more

RUN & REFOCUS with Ryno Griesel – Book Now!

About RUN & REFOCUS is an opportunity to disconnect from your context, spend time in the outdoors, learn practical ways to maintain momentum toward your goals, and return to your reality with focus and energy. Our sixth RUN & REFOCUS features well know adventure runner, mountaineer, entrepreneur and public speaker, Ryno Griesel. Led by Travis Gale from The Middle, … Read more

The Middle Challenge [PONDOLAND]

The Middle challenges you to ride 140km through the Pondoland from Magwa Tea Estate (Mboyti) to the Wild Coast Sun over 4 days. The challenge takes place from the 19th November – 22nd November. The Middle Challenge is a not a race. It’s an adventure. At The Middle, we believe adventure teaches us more about … Read more

The Middle Challenge

The Middle Challenge is a not a race. It’s an adventure outside the comfort zone. An adventure which shifts our perspective about what truly matters, and teaches us more about who we are and what we can achieve. Each challenge requires you to stand on a start line, navigate The Middle and reach the finish. … Read more

Finding Space in the Pondoland   

At 04h00 I listened to the voice note from Chris, a friend of mine who had invited me to join him on a MTB ride from Mboyti to Port Edward through the Pondoland. Having hiked and run this section a few times before I was keen to experience it by bike, a sport I have … Read more