List of Values

Here is a list of values you may like to look at for The Middle Journey online course. Authenticity Achievement Active Citizenship Adventure Autonomy Balance Boldness Compassion Courage Challenge Community Creativity Curiosity Fairness Faith Fame Friendships Fun Grit Growth Happiness Harmony Honesty Humor Inclusivity Influence Impact Justice Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Love Loyalty Meaningful Work … Read more

44 Hours in The Middle.

It was 6am. The three of us stood anxiously at the finish line. 44 hours ago, a cowbell had signalled the start of the UTD160. A small crowd was  gathered, staring out at the mountains looking for the sign of the few remaining runners still out there. It was an hour from cut off. One … Read more

When Times are Dark

When this pic was taken we had pretty much run 42km of the UTD160. The sun was setting, and the temperatures were plummeting. I was reminded of the race directors face at the start when he requested, rather urgently, that we take every layer we could for the night stage. We knew it was going … Read more

100 Miles to The Finish.

Many have asked me why I choose to run 100 miles. The answer is layered. Sitting right in the center of it all is the fact that taking on a challenge like that changes you forever. Here’s what I mean. The transformation starts way before you reach the start line. It starts on the day … Read more


Not many people would call themselves an endurance athlete. That’s reserved for the ultra-runners, the long-distance swimmers, the hardcore adventurers etc.  Take a moment and consider what you have navigated since March 2020. That has taken endurance. We may not be that different to all those endurance athletes after all! All of us have had … Read more


If The Middle is where our stories are written, the finish is where we get to stop and read the chapters we’ve written. 2020 is done. As mentioned in The Middle Book, a finish is simply a transition to a new start. Then we are back in The Middle.  Thankfully, The Middle is what we are … Read more


Tough times in life are inevitable. We will all face trials, challenges, unexpected circumstances, shocks and surprises. Some of these will be fleeting. Some will feel as if they will never end. This is what it means to be human. It may seem weird and perhaps even insensitive to suggest that we can enjoy tough … Read more


We have all heard the term endurance and associate it mainly with sporting activities that require extended periods of effort, such as ultra running, multi-stage events or adventure experiences such as eco-challenges and ocean crossings. I currently define endurance as the ability to keep going through tough terrain.   But is tough terrain, and therefore, endurance … Read more